Ø What is an e-cigarette and how does it work?

Ø What is a Personal Vaporizer?

A personal electronic vaporizer is a device that converts a substance into an inhalable vapor through the use of an atomization component (known as a vaporizer), rather than through combustion and burning. In layman’s terms, when you press the button and inhale, a sensor in the unit’s battery controller activates a microcomputer which tells the battery to turn on, thus powering the atomization process and beginning the vaporization of your desired substance (e-juices, oil, dry herb, etc.). Process varies depending on your VaporX® model.

Ø What’s in the vapor?

The vapor that is created when you smoke your electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer is made of water with trace elements of nicotine and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a liquid substance that absorbs water. It is typically used in food coloring, flavoring and mouthwash. Propylene glycol is listed on the FDA’s list of safe elements.

Ø Is there an ON or OFF switch on my Krave® Electronic Cigarette?

Nope! The Krave® electronic cigarette is equipped with a microchip and sensor that activates when you inhale. To save your battery life, your e-cig will only activate when you inhale.

Ø Is there an ON or OFF switch on my VaporX Personal Vaporizer (XPS, XRT, XLT)?

VaporX® Vaporizers are equipped with a locking feature which keeps the unit from activating from accidental contact with the unit’s power button. This feature also serves as a child safety mechanism to deter use of this devise by children. To activate the “lock”, press the button six (6) times. The indicator light will blink three (3) times to indicate it’s locked. To disengage the “lock”, follow the same procedure of pressing the button six (6) times and allowing the indicator light to blink three (3) times. When not using your Personal Vaporizer, it’s recommended to engage the “lock” feature so the unit does not accidently activate.

Ø How long does a Krave® cartridge (refill filter) last?

While one Krave® refill filter is roughly equivalent to 1 to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes, how long an electronic cigarette filter lasts depends on the user. The overall puff efficiency is estimated and can vary depending on overall size, duration and strength of inhalations. When a filter is approaching its completion, the flavor will change slightly and much less vapor will be produced.

Ø How is the VaporX® tank cartomizer filled?

To fill your tank cartomizer, simply follow these steps:

1) Unscrew, remove mouthpiece
2) Tilt tank at 45 degree angle
3) Using your favorite, compatible e-juice bottle’s spout or syringe, fill tank to desired level (do not exceed 1.6mL mark
on tank and take care to not get liquid in center hole of tank)
4) Replace mouthpiece
5) Screw tank cartomizer to VaporX® vaporizer battery
6) Enjoy

Ø What are your shipping costs and taxes?

All orders over $50 will ship free of charge. Orders under $50 incur a flat shipping fee of $3.95. All orders shipping to Indiana must pay Indiana sales tax (7%).

Ø How long will it take my order to arrive?

eCigs Empire, LLC makes every effort to ship all orders within 2 business days. If a product is ever out of stock when you order, a representative will contact you to let you know of any delays.

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